Mandarins !!!

I must first apologize for not having been active last couple of months.  Its partly due to a personal commitment which restricted my crazy travel weekends.

But, having said that, the coming months look exciting with quite a few road trips planned which means more areas to be explored and more pics to be expected.  Yay !!!

This one is going to be a very short post where I share my experience in Mandarin picking.  Its a first for me and I was so excited in anticipation of what lies ahead of me.


I went to a place called ‘Ford’s Farm’ which specializes in Mandarin picking.  They are situated on the banks of the Hawkesbury river, close to ‘Wiseman Ferry’.  IMG_3230 They have the following varieties of madarins at their farm.  1) Imperial Mandarins 2) Satsuma 3) Emperor 4) Hickson 5) Cumquats.  In addition to that they also have lime and lemons.  But during the time I visited there were only 3 varieties available – Imperial, Satsumas and Cumquats.


The Imperial mandarin tree is a large evergreen shrub that produces fruits with a pale smooth skin.  It has glossy green dense foliage and perfumed white flowers, which are followed by edible fruit.



IMG_3208 IMG_3202 IMG_3192 IMG_3186 IMG_3179 IMG_3178 IMG_3184


This is followed by the Satsuma Mandarins.  It is a seedless and easy-peeling citrus fruit.  One of the distinguishing features of the satsuma is the thin, leathery skin dotted with large and prominent oil glands, enabling it to be peeled very easily in comparison to other mandarin varieties.

IMG_3216 IMG_3210 IMG_3215 IMG_3205 IMG_3203 IMG_3199 IMG_3198 IMG_3197 IMG_3181 IMG_3182


Finally, the cumquats.  This edible fruit closely resembles that of the orange, but is much smaller and ovular, being approximately the size and shape of a large olive!.

IMG_3227 IMG_3226


The farm charges $2 a kilo for Imperial and Satsuma mandarins and $10 for the Cumquats.  The good thing is that you are allowed to taste them whilst picking.  I managed to gobble nearly a dozen of them !!!.

On my way back, I decided to take a detour via Wiseman Ferry to experience the fun of riding a ferry while you are still seated inside the car.  It was a very short ride approximating 3-4 minutes.

The detour fortunately took me through some of the scenic drives and with the autumn in full effect, I saw a mirage of colors ranging from red, yellow to purple and brown.

IMG_3279 IMG_3273 IMG_3270 IMG_3266 IMG_3262 IMG_3261 IMG_3257 IMG_3254 IMG_3250 IMG_3246 IMG_3245


That was an eventful day and the drive back home was even more enjoyable.  As promised earlier, my next post will be filled with colors and I will just give a hint of what’s to come. “Tulipa”.


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