Springbrook National Park, QLD

It’s time for another Rainforest visit and this time our destination is Springbrook National Park, which is a 40 min drive from Gold Coast, QLD.  Being a ‘road warrior’ all my time, nothing is going to stop me from embarking on the 12-hour drive from Sydney.


The idea was to visit the Gold Coast theme parks, but avoid the hustle and bustle of staying in one of the many ‘sky-scraping’ apartments or resorts.  That’s when I stumbled onto this cluster of rainforest cottages at Springbrook.



Now, I am going to keep this place a secret, although with a bit of online peeking it’s easy to find out.  I do guarantee that within a few moments or arriving, you will feel the peace and tranquility flowing around the place.  Not to mention the gentle giant greeting us every time we step out / step in to the cottage.


Springbrook might paint a picture of being a small town, but has a lot of attractions hidden inside those lush rainforest trees and mountains.  A few among them are the numerous waterfall walks scattered around the National Park.




The best waterfall in the mountain is the ‘Purling Brook’ falls.  Enjoy a stroll through the forest at the top of the falls, all relatively flat, or take a walk down the canyon floor to get a better look.



Another major attraction is the ‘Natural Bridge’ rock formation – formed by the force of the waterfall over the erosive basalt cave and is situated on the Nerang-Murwillumbah Road.


…and many more misty walks !!



Of course, the main reason for visiting Gold Coast – the theme parks !  Managed to visit ‘Wet n Wild’, ‘Sea World’, ‘WB Movie World’ and also a small farm ‘Paradise Country’.

Well, they are your usual attractions that you possible can see in almost all countries nowadays.  You do enjoy the rides and shows irrespective of how old you are ( BTW, am just 31 !! ).



I almost had a sinister smile on my face before I started to Gold Coast, as I had assumed that majority of the population would have visited the parks during the Easter period, only to find out later that my visit coincided with the school holidays !!





I had cut down on my long drives due to budget constraints.  But do not worry, over the next couple of months I am going to add some local flavours !! (Hint: in and around Sydney)

Ciya for the next trip……




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