Cowra Japanese Garden

The Japanese garden at Cowra is steeped in history and has a special significance to the Japanese, which is clearly evident from the architecture and the design of the garden.  Its dates back to August 1944, when around 231 Japanese soldiers died when nearly a thousand Japanese prisoners of war broke out from the prison camp.  The soldiers were buried nearby and as a mutual respect, a garden arose as a symbolic representation of that dark day.




It was opened in 1979 and the Garden’s designer, Ken Nakajima described it as the best Japanese garden outside Japan.




Features include a bonsai garden, a traditional cottage, Bonsho bell to name a few.  The most striking feature is its serene atmosphere and well maintained gardens with all flora and fauna representing all things Japanese.


img_6492 img_6468 img_6464

There are audio tours at various places and a map is also available with details of the plants and trees.  You can also pay a visit to the Australian War Museum nearby.

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